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Our Clinic has a heavy emphasis on geriatrics and Medicare. Dr. Peterson has served for more than 20 years as the sole Chiropractic representative to Medicare for the state of Arizona, protecting the health care concerns of both patients and practitioners. He participates in both monthly phone meetings with other chiropractors over the United States as well as quarterly gatherings with representatives of all of the other medical professions in Arizona who serve Medicare in equal fashion. In addition he attends annual conferences in Washington, D.C. to stay abreast of the current legislation affecting Medicare benefits and chiropractic.

Our Clinic provides gentle instrument adjusting as well as a multitude of state of the art physiotherapies to assist with pain relief and restoration of spine and joint function. The goal is to increase and improve activities of daily living for seniors.

Since the early 1970's, Medicare has included Chiropractic spinal manipulation as a covered benefit under plan B guaranteed on a self referred basis.

In recent years, some patients have elected to forgo Plan B coverage in exchange for Plan C substitute products. The lower premiums come with a trade off. While chiropractic benefits are still supposed to be provided under Plan C, many require referrals from primary care providers and severely limit access to chiropractic care. Some even deny access to chiropractic even though it is listed as a covered benefit.

While Dr. Peterson is a provider under many of these part C plans, if you are insured with Cigna, Secure Horizons/Pacificare, HealthNet, Aetna, Humana or any other Part C plans, be certain to check if you need a primary care provider referral before scheduling your Chiropractic care

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