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Exercise and Chiropractic CareExercise and Chiropractic Care

full range of exercise euipment at our facilityIn the management of low back pain, it is important to maintain a combination of chiropractic care with recommended cardiovascular and spinal strengthening exercises. Consultations with the patient's primary care physician must be done before the fitness-promoting activities are begun.

In combination with chiropractic care, exercise provides a variety of benefits. It keeps the muscles in proper tone, promotes circulation, and even helps with digestion. Even something as simple as Physical Therapy Equipmentwalking can be extremely helpful. Swimming and bicycle riding also promote cardiovascular function with low impact to the low back.

The doctors at Leisure World Chiropractic are board certified in physical therapy. The office is equipped with machines that can help to strengthen both your low back and neck. We also have a low back fitness program and will prescribe spinal strengthening exercises for you to perform at home to help maintain alignment of your spine in between office visits.

Ask your doctor of chiropractic if there are exercises that you should be doing to help keep your spine in alignment and pain free.

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