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Why use flexion/distraction manipulation?

There is nothing you can enjoy without your health. Your health is our concern. That's why we have invested in the latest technology for pain-free, non-force manipulation and rehabilitation. Whether your back pain is acute or chronic you want the best care possible to obtain the fastest and most effective correction of your problem.

Flexion/Distraction manipulation can be the answer to your pain. The discs in the spine have two functions: first, they allow for movement. If your spine were solid bone you could never get out of alignment, but then you couldn't move. The discs therefore, allow you to bend and twist in many different directions. Second, the discs act as nature's shock absorbers. When you walk, run or jump the discs cushion the impact of each step you take to prevent jarring to your joints. When the shock-absorbers wear out in your car you can feel every bump. It's the same with your spine; when your discs wear out it doesn't take much to strain your back.

Just as a car wheel slightly out of alignment will cause wear and tear, a vertebrae slightly out of alignment will stress the discs and spinal joints.

Your discs absorb fluid and nutrients by a process called, "IMBIBITION". Your discs are like a sponge. They have to be squeezed for fluid to come in and out. Flexion/distraction (Cox) Chiropractic tables allow your Chiropractor to give gentle, intermittent traction to your spine. This will limber, loosen and lubricate your joints and discs. During treatment your entire spine can be examined and improved by restoring normal movement. This treatment gently increases disc spaces and relieves irritation of pain sensation fibers. The chiropractic physician can work up and down the spine or on a specific problem area with his hands.

When the lower back is reached, the table can be unlocked in the caudal section to allow the doctor to move your lower back in a lateral and circular motion. This produces a pumping and milking action to the disc as well as reducing muscle spasm. Your discs will heal much faster as a result due to improved nutrition to the disc from passive motion.

Many patients say, "I just feel like I need to be stretched out." Flexion/distraction feels great! It also is the technique that offers the greatest relief and is most easily tolerated by patients with acute back pain according to recent studies.

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